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Whelping Box Setup

Posted in A-Litter on March 30th, 2006 by Pete

With Al Jenkins help, we setup the whelping box last Saturday and it was quickly occupied.

Whelping Box Occupied  You Woke Me Up! 

Puppies are Confirmed!!!

Posted in A-Litter on March 14th, 2006 by Pete
Dr. Stang of the Loudoun Veterinary Services confirmed at least two live puppies today by ultrasound! We could clearly see their heart beats on the U/S display. The puppies were located towards her hind end with one on each side. The exact number will be determined in three weeks with an X-ray shortly before whelping. The expected due date is April 10th. Spring time will be quite cheerful with puppies around the house.

Follow Up Ultrasound

Posted in A-Litter on March 6th, 2006 by Pete

The follow up U/S is now scheduled for Tuesday March 13 at Noon. This time I will take Tink to Dr. Stephen Stang of the Loudoun Veterinary Service. Dr. Stang is a Lab breeder and highly recommended by Dawn Buttion. He has performed an U/S exam on many of her bitches.


Preliminary Ultrasound Results

Posted in A-Litter on March 5th, 2006 by Pete

I had an ultrasound exam done on Tink this Saturday, March 4th. It appears from the scans that she may NOT be pregnant. This is very disappointing to say the least. I spoke with Dr.Elam and he believes it is still to early to make the determination. He believes the ultrasound should be done at 30-32 day post-breeding. I have rescheduled another scan for Monday, March 13 just in case he’s right. I am not optimistic at this point. At 25 days post-breeding, the fluid filled vesicle should have been visible on the scan, See “Ultrasound Imaging of the Reproductive Tract of the Bitch“, by By England, Yeager and Concannon. The article does go on to say that ultrasound examination in the first month may lead to inaccurate diagnosis… if the exam is scheduled too early. I don’t think the exam was to early, in this case, since we knew the day of ovulation based on the blood test results. The article also says that a conceptus could be hidden by fecal material in the intestine. This may be possible since Tink had eaten only a few hours earlier. As you can tell, I’m looking for a small bit of hope. I’ll post the follow up results as soon as there known.