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Day 49 – 7 Weeks

Posted in A-Litter on May 30th, 2006 by Pete

Today is April’s 7 week B-day. She now weighs 12.25 lbs (5.55 kgs) and is clearly responding to her name. She no longer hesitates exploring the backyard. Just a few days ago, she wouldn’t venture to the back fence, but now she’s explores everywhere and has even gone under the shed. Potting training has been partially successful. He lasts most of the day without soiling her pen area, but not the night. I think she will be quite easy to house train. She is eating both dry kibble and small amounts of canned food. She also likes Tink’s dried chicken breast strips. Tink finishes them in 30 secs, but April will work on one for several minutes.

Here are a couple of current photos.

DSCN1395b.jpg DSCN1390b.jpg


Day 47

Posted in A-Litter on May 29th, 2006 by Pete

When April is outside, she often hides under the bay window to escape the sun.

DSCN1381b.jpg DSCN1370b.jpg DSCN1376b.jpg DSCN1382b.jpg


Like her mom, April clearly has the retriever gene pre-programmed to the “On” setting! Both have there own “Kong”, in adult and puppy sizes.


April does get distracted by other things on her way to retrieving the Kong.


Day 46

Posted in A-Litter on May 29th, 2006 by Pete

On this Memorial Day weekend, there is nothing better than a dunk in the pool to cool off after a workout.

DSCN1353b.jpg DSCN1354b.jpg

April will be quite a handfull for her new owner. Here she is stealing Tink’s bone. She really did walk off with it before mom took it back. This happened several times.



Day 43 Photos

Posted in A-Litter on May 26th, 2006 by Pete

Here are a couple of previously un-published Photos.

DSCN1330b1.jpg DSCN1326b1.jpg

Day 45 – Escape from the Pen

Posted in A-Litter on May 26th, 2006 by Pete

It’s been a while since my last post. We have developed a regular routine each day of eating, cleaning and playing. April has growing quickly and now weighs 11.1 lbs (5 kgs). She got her first set of shots this week at the vet. She is developing into a fine Flat-Coat. Good bone structure, thick puppy coat, fast on her feet and retrieving the pheasant skin! In true Flat-Coat style, she has also figured out how to get out of the X-pen setup outside. The pen is 24 inches high and kept locked. Today, we put her outside while cleaning the interior pen. When we checked on her after about 20 mins, she was running in the backyard with Tink. Fortunately, the yard is totally fenced, but it is still disconcerting that she managed to climb out. Tomorrow, I will setup one of the webcam outside so everyone can see April and Tink playing in the yard. Check the BLOG in the morning for details on how to access the webcam.

Here are some new photos of April on Day 45 (6 1/2 weeks old).
DSCN1338b.jpg DSCN1336b.jpg DSCN1335b.jpg DSCN1347b.jpg

Day 35 – Five Week Old Puppy

Posted in A-Litter on May 16th, 2006 by Pete

April is almost fully weaned at five weeks. She only nurse once or twice a day and is eating soft kibble at three meals. She now weighs 8.3 lbs (3.75 kg). She has her own personality, likes exploring and running after Tink, although mom sometime forgets she’s just a little puppy.

Here are a few current profile pictures on day 35.

DSCN1284b.jpg DSCN1298b.jpg DSCN1297b.jpg DSCN1296b.jpg

April is getting use to playing with pheasent wings and skin. She will easily go after the skin when I toss it nearby. Of course, Tink is not to be out done either.

DSCN1309b.jpg DSCN1313b.jpg

Day 28 – Four Week Old

Posted in A-Litter on May 10th, 2006 by Pete

April now routinely explores the yard and like to follow me or Tink around. She definitely does not like to be alone.

DSCN1230b.jpg DSCN1232b.jpg

Day 27 – Substitute Litter Mate

Posted in A-Litter on May 8th, 2006 by Pete

Our house cat Pearl did not appreciate all the attention April was getting from Deb, so we convinced Pearl to be April’s playmate.


 Future pheasant hunter in training.



Day 24 – Photos

Posted in A-Litter on May 5th, 2006 by Pete

I am starting to take April outside for a short while. Here are some photos from our second trip.

DSCN1201b.jpg DSCN1194b.jpg DSCN1198b.jpg DSCN1205b.jpg

Quiet time at night and going for a milk run!

 DSCN1206b.jpg DSCN1207b.jpg

Day 24 – Puppy Out of the Box

Posted in A-Litter on May 5th, 2006 by Pete

April has been close to getting out of the box for the last couple of days, but Wednesday evening she finally made it onto the family room floor. The floor is ceramic tile and we have a small rug outside the box doorway. Tink likes to lay on this rug to get away from the puppy, but April is able to look for and find her mother. On Wednesday evening, Tink was laying on the rug and April was struggling at the door way to get to her when she tumbled over the doorway onto the rug. The three of us (Tink, me and April) were surprised. After a little exploring around the box I put her back inside. Not more then a minute or two later, she was out again. I figured it was time to setup the pen, that Al was kind enough to loan us, around the box entrance. No sooner was the pen setup and newspaper placed on the floor, that April was out again and baptizing the floor. She flops over the door so fast, that I put some towels down to cushion the fall and give her a way to climb back in. She hasn’t figured out how to get back in, yet. I’ll try to get it on video and post it soon.

April is significantly more active in the last few days. She’s trying to play with Tink by pawing at her and running into her. Tink’s been very patient and usually responses, after awhile, by knock her over. April is also playing with the pheasent wing hanging in the box. She lays on the floor and swipes it with her paws or walks around and tries to bite or push on it with her mouth. I found a stuffed pheasent toy and have been trying get her to chase it. She actually grabbed it by the neck, picked it up and walked around with it for a few seconds. I wish I could have got a photo.

I’m starting to feed her blended kibble and diluted puppy formula. She is eating small amount at each feeding, but still relies on mom for the main course. She now weighs 5.66 lbs (2.57 kg), and only gained 1 oz since yesterday.