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Posted in Accomplishments on July 11th, 2010 by Pete

On Saturday, July 10th, Morgan was awarded his final point to complete the AKC breed championship at the Upper Marlboro Kennel Club Show under Judge Elizabeth Muthard. He recieved his final point by defeating two very nice regular class dogs. He also went Best of Winners. I could tell he was also happy to finish, because he kept wanting to chase after the photographers squeaky toy and wouldn’t hold still for his picture.

I am very happy to finish both dogs this year.  I am not fully conferable in the breed ring and would rather be out in the field training or trialing. There are to many variables out of my control in the breed ring. With Morgan, however, it was actually fun and I looked forward to the shows.

I now have three Flat-Coat Champions living at home, all healthy and resting at the moment. At least until I get up from this chair.


Rock Creek Kennel Club Show Success!

Posted in Accomplishments on July 4th, 2010 by Pete

On July 4th, 2010 at the Rock Creek Kennel Club Show, Morgan won Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Thomas J. Feneis.  Morgan was awarded the cross over points from the bitches major. I spoke briefly with the judge while waiting for the show pictures and he said Morgan had a very nice head, good topline and smooth movement. Morgan now has 12 of 15 points required for breed championship and both major wins.


Working Certificate Test

Posted in Accomplishments on April 13th, 2008 by Pete

Wendy, Neverland’s Bonnie Lass, qualified for the WC at the PVGRC WC/X Test with pheasants today. She completed a land double and two water marks. The first water mark was extra hard when the bird landed on the far side of a partially submerged log. Not only did she climb over to get the bird, but I was very proud when she held on to the bird while climbing back over on the return.

Tink, Claymore’s Tinker Bell,  missed qualifying for the WCX by popping on the way to the third land bird. She retrieved the outside birds with ease, but on the way to the middle mark, she stopped to urinate and had to be issued a second fetch command before completing the retrieve. We were disqualified for handling or popping, neither of the judges could agree which one it was.



Posted in Accomplishments on October 17th, 2006 by Pete

It’s been a month since the PVGRC WC/WCX test. I’m embarrassed to say it took five attempts, but Tink finally passed. I don’t know why we had such a difficult time with this test, especially since Tink was four for four on the AKC JH and NAHRA SR tests. Unlike the AKC or NAHRA tests, the WC test can use a variety of different birds. The first WC test, of which a video clip is post on the web site, used pigeons. On that test she blanked the second bird even through she easily found it. The four other tests were equally as frustrating. I was half expecting she would refuse to pick up the pheasants on the latest test, since she’s never seen one before, but the first land retrieve went well. The second bird she also found right away, but then decided to look for an alternative bird to retrieve. After a few “Fetch it Up” on my part, she decide there was only one choice and brought the pheasant back reluctantly. After the land marks were over, I thought the two single water marks with ducks was going to be a cake walk. Wrong again!

The first water mark was thrown from a small island, See Figure below. Tink swam out to point “a” and retrieved the duck but then went ashore on the island and rolled on the ground at “b”. Now I started grabbing my chest. I thought, that after all the water marks we practice, she is going to blow it again. Lucky, after a few whistle calls, she picked up the duck and swam across to “c” where I was waiting. The second mark was non-eventful and we finally finished the WC Certificate. I wonder how long it will take for the WCX?


The following are a few photos of Tink during the test.

tink_wc-001-2.jpg tink_wc-003-2.jpg tink_wc-004-2.jpg tink_wc-007-2a.jpg tink_wc-008-21.jpg