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Pregnancy Confirmed!

Posted in B-Litter on February 15th, 2007 by Pete

Today’s visit to the vet was very successful. Dr. Rickard found at least three gestational sac with a fetus in each. Their heart beats were clearly visible on the ultrasound display. I was present during the exam and saw one of heart beats for myself. There were two embryonic sacs in the left uterine and at least on the right. The image below is my interpretation of the information presented by the vet along with my observations.


Two embryonic sacs were visible at the same time on the U/S display close to the junction of the left and right side. The third was found higher up on the left side alone. The next major milestone is the pre-whelping X-Ray to confirm the number of puppies. This is schedule for March 7th. The anticipated whelping day is March 19, which is day 65 from the LH surge.