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Day 33 – Web Cam Outside

Posted in B-Litter on April 21st, 2007 by Pete

I temporarily setup a second web cam outside while the puppies are in the X-Pen. Check out the following link. The login name is “fcrtink” and the password is “b-litter”. Click on the single tab to access the web cam view. This device also has pan and tilt as well as sound.

Have Fun!


Day 26 – First Trip Outdoors

Posted in B-Litter on April 20th, 2007 by Pete

We finally had a few hours of nice weather last Saturday, so I took the gang outside for the first time. Here are a few pictures.

puppies3_d26.jpg blue1_d26.jpg puppies1_d26.JPG


Day 20 – Feeding Time

Posted in B-Litter on April 8th, 2007 by Pete

The puppies are getting into non-mother provided nutrition, see for yourself.

blue2_d20.jpg puppies1_d20.jpg blue1_d20.jpg


Knocking Down Milestones

Posted in B-Litter on April 8th, 2007 by Pete

This last week was full of milestone events. The puppies eyes all opened by last Saturday, Day 12. Then on Day 14, they took their first steps. Mr. Blue led the pack, and the others seemed to learn from his example, because they immediately followed along. Click HERE for a short video clip of the historic event.

The gang is growing very fast. Today is Day 20 and two of three are over six lbs. Mr White is about one day behind the others weighing 5.6 lbs. All three puppies are teething and Tink is not as anxious to run into the whelping box when they start crying. I’ve started feeding Puppy Weaning Formula 2-3 times a day to ease them off of mom. This is the bridge to the solid food coming in the following weeks. The puppies readily eat the cereal in the morning when they are the hungriest. In the evening, I mix the powder with goats milk to make it more palatable. Click HERE for a short video clip of one feeding event.

As BLOG readers can see, I’ve started adding more video clips to my postings. During the first litter, I was constantly switching between the still camera and camcorder, but it seemed like I could never get the picture or video moment just right. So, I decided for the next litter, I would buy one device capable of both. After many months of researching and waiting for the right technology to come along, I purchased the Sony HDR-SR1 Handycam. This is a High Definition 1080i camcorder that can also take 4 Megapixel still images. The video is recorded directly to an internal 30 GB hard disk and can hold up to 11 hrs of HDV. The videos I’ve posted are not HDV, but they are widescreen and MPEG-4 encoded to minimize file size. They can be played with Apple Quicktime or WinDVD. I’ve tried to keep the clips to around 1 min, but they are still 10-12 MB in size. Don’t try to play them unless you have a broadband connection.