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Chester Out and About

Posted in C-Litter on January 30th, 2011 by Peter

The Blue collar dog is now called Chester. His new owners will be picking him up in a couple of weeks. He is now nine weeks old and weighs 20 lbs. Here are a few pictures playing in the yard with the adult dogs.

Morgan, Chester and Wendy

L-R, Morgan, Chester and Wendy

Chester on Guard

Checking out the spring buds

Watching the Adults

Waiting for His Turn to Chase Mom

Chasing Mom


Sleeping Pippa

Posted in C-Litter on January 29th, 2011 by Peter

It seems like the puppies are keeping there owners busy. Here are some comments from Pippa’s family.

” Pippa is doing great.  Thought you’d enjoy these pictures of her sacked out; she often ends up in some pretty funny positions when she’s asleep!  Funny girl.

Pippa Sleeping on Couch

Pippa Sleeping on Couch

I have to tell you (and I hope I’m not jinxing myself) that she has been AMAZING with potty training.  Over the weekend she started ringing the bells that we have for Henry to let us know when he needs to go out.  I thought she was just curious of the bells, but I now realize she is in fact ringing them to alert us that SHE has to go out!  I am not exaggerating by saying she has only had two piddle accidents in the house since we got her (both were on my husband’s watch –  I don’t think he recognized her cue).  This is a very different experience than my previous puppies…  she seems to understand already that inside is not the place to go.

… I hurt my back, but my kids have been a huge help, and Pippa has risen to the occasion.  When nobody else is here, I am able to get up slowly to take her out, but I cannot pick her up again yet.  She makes it all the way to the door, waits for me there and then goes right on cue outside.  I think she’s going to be a breeze to obedience train!

She is also sleeping through the night (11-6).  

What a great little puppy….thank you!!!

L ..”

Another happy Flat-Coat Family


Lily at Rest

Posted in C-Litter on January 29th, 2011 by Peter

Here are some comments from Lily’s family:

“… more photos of Lily resting on snow boots and my black fleece jacket.  It’s much harder to get a photo of her when she is awake. She is doing so well with very few accidents in the house.  We are having a great time with her!


Lily Crashing out

Lily Crashing out


Getting Ready for Snow…

Posted in C-Litter on January 25th, 2011 by Peter

There has been alot of snow in the Northeast this year and Lily is getting ready for the next incoming wave.

Lily finds a warm place to wait out the storm


Week 7 Pictures

Posted in C-Litter on January 25th, 2011 by Peter

Here are a few picture of the puppies during the seventh week.

Lily (Pink Collar) and Shadow (Red Collar)


Chester w/ Puppy Kong


Lily in the Playground




L-R, Jack, Lily, Shadow, and Chester



Chester is the Champion …

Posted in C-Litter on January 25th, 2011 by Peter

Well at least at tug of war…

Jack and Chester

Chester Wins this Round

Who won this contest? ... Chester, by decree!


Jasper at Home

Posted in C-Litter on January 24th, 2011 by Peter

Jasper made it home to the Kirby Home and is starting crate training. Here are some pics around the homestead.


Visiting the Outdoors

Jasper and Friend

Jasper and Friend


Jasper Hanging Out


Nap Time


Lily’s Ride Home

Posted in C-Litter on January 24th, 2011 by Peter

I try to remember to air each puppy before sending them home. Here is what can happen otherwise.

“Hi Peter! She is a delightful puppy! We are having a blast with her. We ended up back at our friend’s house in McLean for a few hours yesterday because she had a poop explosion in her crate a few minutes after we left your place. We hosed down the crate while she ran around with our son in the yard and got more familiar with us. We had lunch and then set out for home.”

Sorry Banks Family!

Here are a couple of Lily’s pics in her new home.

Lily at Home with the Banks

Lily at Home with the Banks

Lily Napping

Lily Taking a Nap


… and then there was one

Posted in C-Litter on January 22nd, 2011 by Peter

The next group of three puppies went home on Saturday Jan 22.

 The Pink Collar Bitch, now called Neverland Caroline’s Delight, call name “Lily”  has gone home with the Banks Family

Banks and Lily

The Banks with Lily

The Red Collar Dog, now called Neverland’s Carl Chicago, call name “Shadow” has gone home with the Hillner Family

Hillner Family and Shadow

Hillner Family with Shadow

The Green Collar Dog, now called Neverland Captain Jack, call name “Jack” has gone home with the Kirby Family

Kirbys & Jack

The Kirby Family with Jack

The last puppy, Blue Collar Dog, has been placed with a Flat-Coat Family. His new name is Chester and will be going home in early February. Until then, we will have fun showing him off to our friends and family. Watch out for more pics of Chester and the rest of the C-Litter bunch in upcoming posts.


BF for life!

Posted in C-Litter on January 22nd, 2011 by Peter

From the Kennelly family which adopted Pippa (white collar girl). It didn’t take long for these two to become BF for life.

BF Pippa and Henry