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Day 21 The Day of Dread

Posted in D-Litter on August 6th, 2011 by Peter

The pups are doing fine. They eat, sleep and poop in pretty much that order. There is a constant stream of laundry from the whelping box pads, resting box towels and wash cloths. Last night, the unthinkable happened. The washing machine broke down! It’s not being working well for some time and occasionally it even over flows when the rinse cycle get stuck filling the tank with water. Last night, however, the motor finally gave out and I found a pool of oil on the floor coming out of the bottom of the washer. On Saturday, morning we had an especially productive morning, lots of poop! No sooner than I got the soiled towels out of the whelping box and clean ones in, then another puppy would take his turn leaving us a present. But now I had no functioning washing machine? I found out we have a couple of laundry mats not far from our home, so I gathered up a bag full of quarters and off to the local wash shop with a bag full of smelly stuff.

In the afternoon, we visited the Lowes’ home center and purchased a new wash and dryer. One of those top loading High Efficiency models that uses less water. I certainly hope it gets our soiled towels clean. Can you even¬†believe they¬†deliver on Sunday! I can’t believe I’m looking forward to these new appliances. What is my life coming too?


Taste of Human Made Food

Posted in D-Litter on August 6th, 2011 by Peter

As the pups continue to grow, the demands on Wendy increase every day. The puppies teeth are starting to come in and I’m sure Wendy can feel them on her teats. So we’ve started the pups on Step 2 weaning cereal. I’ve been making about a cup at a time to feed about six puppies. At first, they stuck their snouts to far into the puppy bowl and the cereal would go up their noses as they tried to lap it up. After a couple of days, they’ve figured it out and most if not all make a bee line for the plate when I place it in the whelping box. Here are a few pics to enjoy.

Some took to it right away, but others hanged back for awhile.


Most readily accept the supplemental feeding.

In the end, the results are the same for most pups.


Day 14 Pictures

Posted in D-Litter on August 1st, 2011 by Peter

Ok here is the second half of the litter taken on Sunday 7/31.

Black Collar Male


Carrot/Tan Collar Male


Navy/Blue Collar Male


Lt. Blue Collar Male


Yellow Collar Male


The green collar pup has slipped past my color blind eyes two days in a row. I’ll ambush him next.