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Atlas Update

Posted in D-Litter on October 17th, 2011 by Pete

hi peter,

We went to the vet yesterday. Atlas had diarrea again. Aparently he got a worm that was not covered with the standard deworming shot. We are in the process of deworming him again for this specific worm. He looks great though! He is so smart that we have to train him constantly and teach him new things, otherways he gets bored and starts playing rough with andrew, till the point were andrew bleeds! All for attention! Having indy around is great, becouse that way he learns how hard he can bite. House patterns are undercontrol with few exceptions when he gets overexcited. I’m glad to see that all of Atlas sieblings are soing so good. You really are a wonderfull breeder. We could have not been luckier with Atlas, and all the puppies are so beautiful!


Andrew and Cristina

Cristina and Atlas in the Garden


Atlas at 3 Mos


Atlas at 3 Mos


Cristina and Atlas in the Park


Jack Update

Posted in D-Litter on October 17th, 2011 by Pete

Hi Peter

Jack is doing great. He loves car rides and the beach, and all his outings provide a lot of different socialization opportunities. We brought him to Vermont last weekend ,and attended the National Dock Diving competition at Killington Mtn. House breaking is progressing nicely,and he sleeps through the night without accidents. He’s very mellow and easy going, and just happy to be around all of us. Next vet visit is Monday but I don’t anticipate any issues.

Jill Wedinger

Willow update

Posted in D-Litter on October 17th, 2011 by Pete

D-Litter families,

We are enjoying the news about her littermates and wanted to share some pictures and updates on Willow. Willow has a great personality, is very loving, and learns quickly. She is growing rapidly and seems to be going through a phase where she is “all leg”. She had her second vet visit last week where she weighed in at 22 pounds. She has acclimated nicely to her new home, and importantly her aunt Calla has taken her under her paw as a pupil and playmate. She has charmed everybody that she has met.

There haven’t been too many opportunities where she was still enough to photograph, but here are a few. The ones of the two together are from today, the other two are a bit older.

Philip & Laura




Willow and Calla


Willow and Calla




Brooksie Update

Posted in D-Litter on October 12th, 2011 by Pete

Hi Peter and fellow D-Litter families:

It is so nice to get the updates on Brooksie’s siblings. It sounds like everyone is enjoying their little ones as much as we enjoy Brooksie.

Last week, Brooksie had a bit of “soupy poopy” (as Dave called it). Can’t be sure what the cause was (maybe mushrooms too???) but it never impacted his energy level ;-) He has since recovered fully and is making up for it by the volume of food he is now consuming (He is currently eating 1.5 c. of Nutra lamb/rice kibble 3x per day). Went to the vet yesterday for his 12 week check-up and shots. He weighed in at 23.4 #’s. The vet assumes a growth spurt as he is maintaining that beautiful sleek physique of the FCR’s.

Brooksie is doing very well with the basics: housebreaking (no more accidents), sit, down, shake and now heel. However, he is still enjoying the mouthing/biting of our body and clothing….frustrating but we’re confident that it is part of the puppy stage. This weekend we are taking him to the HillyHundred with us in Bean Blossom, IN. He will have lots of room to roam and lots of playmates (8 other dogs visiting). He should have a blast. We will forward pix when we return.

Kelli & Dave

Cricket Update

Posted in D-Litter on October 11th, 2011 by Pete


Just thought we would update you on Cricket (red collar).

She had a vet visit on Friday (10/7). She had her next set of shots and the vet continues to be impressed with her health and intelligence. She weighed in at 19.8lbs. We are starting to see the “big girl” hair on her legs, little feathery rather than just the soft puppy fur. She has pretty much mastered “sit”, “down”, and “shake”. She comes bounding toward us at a whistle or “come” command, unless she is really interested in what she is currently doing. It is funny to watch her try to figure out where the command came from sometimes as she is trying to comply, just doesn’t know where the sound was from. We are starting to see her “fetch.” She chases and returns toys or sticks when they are tossed short distances.

Cricket has a really nice demeanor. She plays with us and the kids for parts of the day but she calms quickly and often is content to lay near our feet and chew on a stuffed toy or teething bone. We hope everyone is enjoying their “D” litter puppy as much as we are.

Daniel & Amy




Brooksie update

Posted in D-Litter on October 5th, 2011 by Pete

A couple of weeks ago, Brooksie was playing with another dog at our friends house when he decided to start digging in the shrubs. Out of the blue we heard the shrill of his crying! Brooksie dug up a bee’s nest and was covered in them. We estimated that Brooksie got stung 20+ times and the rest of us also got stung but only by a few. We watched him closely over the next couple of days and other than some itching we were happy to see that he was fine. What bothered us both is that we had no idea that we could have immediately given him Benedryl which would’ve helped him greatly. Please be sure to carry some with you at all times…the vet has told us that the dosage is 1ml per pound…sounds like a lot but we’ve been assured it is correct.

This afternoon at lunch I found Brooksie had a huge “runny accident” in his crate… we felt so bad for him but his behaviour seemed normal. After the bigh clean up and fresh bath, I gave him some boiled rice and will keep my fingers crossed that it was a single occurance. If not, we will start with the boiled chicken breast/steamed rice for a few days. Poor Baby!

Other than these two incidents, Brooksie is doing great! We are amazed at how big he is getting…at almost 11 weeks, he weighs 20.8 lbs. He’s eating about 2.5 cups of food a day and drinks a lot of water. Accidents are minimal which makes us very happy! Brooksie plays well with other dogs and is “beginning” to understand basic commands…sit, come, etc. He also travels in the car with us all the time…and seems to love it. BITING continues to be a big issue…yes, we’ve tried replacing our “skin” with his toys, we remove ourselves from his play, we’ve tried holding his muzzle, etc. Luckily, he does not chew the furniture ;-)

We are so glad that most of us are posting updates…its nice to keep tabs on all of them ;-)

Kelli and Dave


Posted in D-Litter on September 29th, 2011 by Pete

Elvis had his 2nd trip to the vet this morning. He now weighs 22.4 pounds and had his distemper shot. He was also the hit of the office. He’s so friendly and cute (I’ll bet the others are,too). His legs seem to be several feet long which gives him a gangly look, his ear fur is getting curly and feathers are forming on his forelegs. He comes when he’s called without fail, he sits on command (not for long) and the poop training is under control. I hope the pee control improves soon but my experience with raising two human boys says that’s about normal.

Greta’s experience with poisoning must have been horrifying and who knows what they get hold of. Elvis got into something a couple of weeks ago but it resolved itself fairly quickly and didn’t go a far as IVs and hospitals. While we’re on puppy safety, let me pass along my sister’s horrible experience with a new puppy — this was a long time ago before anyone had ever heard of dog crates. They had gotten a new pup, had to go out and left the pup at home. He apparently was playing with the drapes and worked a hole in one which he stuck his head through and the harder he fought to get loose, the tighter it wrapped around his neck and he hanged himself. They came home to a dead puppy and I don’t think my sister has gotten over it yet. My curtains are looped up with a knot out of puppy reach and I’ll never win the House Beautiful prize but if I were really interested I’d have never gotten dogs in the first place.

Each new dog = a new living-room rug.



Posted in D-Litter on September 28th, 2011 by Pete

Hi Peter- I just wanted to give you an update on Bentley. We took him to the vet yesterday and he is a whopping 19.6lbs! He is growing so fast! He had three of his vaccination shots yesterday and he didn’t even flinch…

He’s been attending some puppy classes, he picks up on things really quick. He now knows “Sit” and “Down” and is learning some self control (he used to jump for joy for food!) and he now has a lot of manners. He sits for his leash, to out the door, when I stop walking, etc.

The vet was really impressed with him, he has such a good personality. He’s pretty calm (of course he has his wild puppy side) and trusting of others. He has met a lot of kids, LOVES them and yesterday he met his first kitten (we happened to find one and was keeping it at the house for a few hours before a friend came to rescue it). He was really good at reading the cat’s attitude towards him. He has met many dogs and is really good with them all… I’m just overall amazed by him!

Here are a few pictures… I’ll keep you posted :)

[image: IMG_2209.JPG] [image: IMG_2213.JPG]

Amy J. Robbins

Cooper & Mirror

Posted in D-Litter on September 28th, 2011 by Pete


We came back from The Cove Monday morning after spending about four (4) days getting the move process underway. Got a lot accomplished. However, we had a little problem Monday evening and again last night. Seems that Cooper and “Mirror” still don’t see eye to eye as to who’s the Boss

He was on the bed, watching TV and started acting funny, at least funnier than normal. Bouncing around and growling, at what appeared to be nothing. We couldn’t get him to stop and we couldn’t stop laughing at his antics. Then, we saw “Mirror”, who was also bouncing and growling. Cooper wouldn’t stop trying to play with the other puppy until “Mirror” left the room. (Yes, I slid the mirror closet door open and “Mirror” left the room.) After we stopped crying from laughter, we all settled down.

I gotta remember to keep that door slid. J LMAO!!

Thank you,

Mark L. Jeffress

Atlas and Indy

Posted in D-Litter on September 26th, 2011 by Pete

Received the following e-mail and picture from Cristina. Atlas was the Tan collar puppy and Indy is Cristina’s Mother-In-Law’s Flat-Coat:

Here goes a picture! I had to trick them with treats so they would stand still.


Atlas and Indy