Cooper & Mirror


We came back from The Cove Monday morning after spending about four (4) days getting the move process underway. Got a lot accomplished. However, we had a little problem Monday evening and again last night. Seems that Cooper and “Mirror” still don’t see eye to eye as to who’s the Boss

He was on the bed, watching TV and started acting funny, at least funnier than normal. Bouncing around and growling, at what appeared to be nothing. We couldn’t get him to stop and we couldn’t stop laughing at his antics. Then, we saw “Mirror”, who was also bouncing and growling. Cooper wouldn’t stop trying to play with the other puppy until “Mirror” left the room. (Yes, I slid the mirror closet door open and “Mirror” left the room.) After we stopped crying from laughter, we all settled down.

I gotta remember to keep that door slid. J LMAO!!

Thank you,

Mark L. Jeffress

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