Atlas Update

hi peter,

We went to the vet yesterday. Atlas had diarrea again. Aparently he got a worm that was not covered with the standard deworming shot. We are in the process of deworming him again for this specific worm. He looks great though! He is so smart that we have to train him constantly and teach him new things, otherways he gets bored and starts playing rough with andrew, till the point were andrew bleeds! All for attention! Having indy around is great, becouse that way he learns how hard he can bite. House patterns are undercontrol with few exceptions when he gets overexcited. I’m glad to see that all of Atlas sieblings are soing so good. You really are a wonderfull breeder. We could have not been luckier with Atlas, and all the puppies are so beautiful!


Andrew and Cristina

Cristina and Atlas in the Garden


Atlas at 3 Mos


Atlas at 3 Mos


Cristina and Atlas in the Park


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