Brooksie Update

Hi Peter and fellow D-Litter families:

It is so nice to get the updates on Brooksie’s siblings. It sounds like everyone is enjoying their little ones as much as we enjoy Brooksie.

Last week, Brooksie had a bit of “soupy poopy” (as Dave called it). Can’t be sure what the cause was (maybe mushrooms too???) but it never impacted his energy level ;-) He has since recovered fully and is making up for it by the volume of food he is now consuming (He is currently eating 1.5 c. of Nutra lamb/rice kibble 3x per day). Went to the vet yesterday for his 12 week check-up and shots. He weighed in at 23.4 #’s. The vet assumes a growth spurt as he is maintaining that beautiful sleek physique of the FCR’s.

Brooksie is doing very well with the basics: housebreaking (no more accidents), sit, down, shake and now heel. However, he is still enjoying the mouthing/biting of our body and clothing….frustrating but we’re confident that it is part of the puppy stage. This weekend we are taking him to the HillyHundred with us in Bean Blossom, IN. He will have lots of room to roam and lots of playmates (8 other dogs visiting). He should have a blast. We will forward pix when we return.

Kelli & Dave

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