Cricket Update


Just thought we would update you on Cricket (red collar).

She had a vet visit on Friday (10/7). She had her next set of shots and the vet continues to be impressed with her health and intelligence. She weighed in at 19.8lbs. We are starting to see the “big girl” hair on her legs, little feathery rather than just the soft puppy fur. She has pretty much mastered “sit”, “down”, and “shake”. She comes bounding toward us at a whistle or “come” command, unless she is really interested in what she is currently doing. It is funny to watch her try to figure out where the command came from sometimes as she is trying to comply, just doesn’t know where the sound was from. We are starting to see her “fetch.” She chases and returns toys or sticks when they are tossed short distances.

Cricket has a really nice demeanor. She plays with us and the kids for parts of the day but she calms quickly and often is content to lay near our feet and chew on a stuffed toy or teething bone. We hope everyone is enjoying their “D” litter puppy as much as we are.

Daniel & Amy




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