Brooksie update

A couple of weeks ago, Brooksie was playing with another dog at our friends house when he decided to start digging in the shrubs. Out of the blue we heard the shrill of his crying! Brooksie dug up a bee’s nest and was covered in them. We estimated that Brooksie got stung 20+ times and the rest of us also got stung but only by a few. We watched him closely over the next couple of days and other than some itching we were happy to see that he was fine. What bothered us both is that we had no idea that we could have immediately given him Benedryl which would’ve helped him greatly. Please be sure to carry some with you at all times…the vet has told us that the dosage is 1ml per pound…sounds like a lot but we’ve been assured it is correct.

This afternoon at lunch I found Brooksie had a huge “runny accident” in his crate… we felt so bad for him but his behaviour seemed normal. After the bigh clean up and fresh bath, I gave him some boiled rice and will keep my fingers crossed that it was a single occurance. If not, we will start with the boiled chicken breast/steamed rice for a few days. Poor Baby!

Other than these two incidents, Brooksie is doing great! We are amazed at how big he is getting…at almost 11 weeks, he weighs 20.8 lbs. He’s eating about 2.5 cups of food a day and drinks a lot of water. Accidents are minimal which makes us very happy! Brooksie plays well with other dogs and is “beginning” to understand basic commands…sit, come, etc. He also travels in the car with us all the time…and seems to love it. BITING continues to be a big issue…yes, we’ve tried replacing our “skin” with his toys, we remove ourselves from his play, we’ve tried holding his muzzle, etc. Luckily, he does not chew the furniture ;-)

We are so glad that most of us are posting updates…its nice to keep tabs on all of them ;-)

Kelli and Dave

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