Elvis had his 2nd trip to the vet this morning. He now weighs 22.4 pounds and had his distemper shot. He was also the hit of the office. He’s so friendly and cute (I’ll bet the others are,too). His legs seem to be several feet long which gives him a gangly look, his ear fur is getting curly and feathers are forming on his forelegs. He comes when he’s called without fail, he sits on command (not for long) and the poop training is under control. I hope the pee control improves soon but my experience with raising two human boys says that’s about normal.

Greta’s experience with poisoning must have been horrifying and who knows what they get hold of. Elvis got into something a couple of weeks ago but it resolved itself fairly quickly and didn’t go a far as IVs and hospitals. While we’re on puppy safety, let me pass along my sister’s horrible experience with a new puppy — this was a long time ago before anyone had ever heard of dog crates. They had gotten a new pup, had to go out and left the pup at home. He apparently was playing with the drapes and worked a hole in one which he stuck his head through and the harder he fought to get loose, the tighter it wrapped around his neck and he hanged himself. They came home to a dead puppy and I don’t think my sister has gotten over it yet. My curtains are looped up with a knot out of puppy reach and I’ll never win the House Beautiful prize but if I were really interested I’d have never gotten dogs in the first place.

Each new dog = a new living-room rug.


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