Fellow Flat-Coat Owners e-Mail

I often wonder if anyone reads these postings. I do not regularly get any comments, however, I did recieve the following e-mail and picture which I’m able to share.

“Dear Peter and Deb,

We’d like to thank you for giving us countless hours of joy through your
website.  After losing our beloved flatcoat Emily Rebecca to lymphoma in
April of last year, we were nearly inconsolable.  As caregivers to an
elderly parent, we are currently unable to adopt a puppy – not that there
could ever be a replacement for Emily, but our home has not been without a
flatcoat “child” for over 20 years.  Your generosity in sharing your
experiences has helped to ease our pain, even as we felt yours at the loss
of your purple-collared puppy.

A day hasn’t passed since you activated your webcam that we haven’t tuned in
to see the progress of the litter.  Your dedication and love for all of your
animals is clear and impressive.  We’re happy that the puppies found good
homes and that you continue to update their development.

We wouldn’t feel right to let your generosity go without letting you know
how much you’ve done for us.  Our house has felt a little less empty thanks
to you.

We’ve attached a photo of Emily Rebecca when she was a puppy, back in 1999.
There’s nothing like the image of a happy flatcoat to bring a smile to our

Emily Impersonates Dumbo

With sincere thanks,

Ernie and Corinne Zinger”

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