The Stick Chase

This time of year, the yard is full of sticks which are like treats to the dogs. If a dog finds a stick, the others will immediately mug him. The hierarchy of the pack is in full effect and Chester is at the bottom of the pack.

Everything starts calmly as you can see in this picture

Morgan and Chester

But then, Chester spot a stick in the yard.

Spotting his target

…the chase is on

Chasing his prey

 Got it for now…

... but for how long?

The pack converges

Chester gets away...

 Chester runs, but mom is hot on his trail

Mom in Pursuit

Mom’s got it now, but for how long can she keep it?

How will this End?

Wendy gets away with the prize!

Wendy Get's Away

… and the boys are left licking their chops…

Out Smarted by the Girl

… and the whole thing starts over again with next stick.

... the saga continues...


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  1. Stephanie Sykes Says:

    What a great illustrated saga!

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