Chester at Home

Chester has made it home and is doing very well in his new environment. The following is an update from his owner:

Wanted to give you an update. First, he is just a really great puppy. He has pretty much adapted since Day 1.  Chester is also a real character and has quite a swagger to him when he is out and about – after doing what he is meant to, he will grab the part of his leash by his collar in his mouth and prance home very proudly. He has met neighborhood people and other dogs and adjusted very well.   

We had our whole family here last weekend: our daughter and her fiance as well as our son and his girlfriend. Chester got slathered with attention and played so hard he slept for almost a day after they left. He also loved the fire in the fireplace. 

 We have had a lot of snow and he seems to thrive on it – loves to burrow his nose under it, make little tunnels and generally romp around and pounce on things.  He is doing quite well on the housebreaking although there are still occasional accidents, mostly in his daytime crate……

….. In short he is joy and we adore him. “

Here are a few pictures of Chester

Chester on the Way Home


Could this be Meal Time?


We Hope this Snake is Stuffed?


Chester, the Girl Magnet


Can't get Enough Lov'n


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