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Pippa at 11 Weeks Old

Posted in C-Litter on February 14th, 2011 by Peter

The C-Litter puppies are 11 weeks old and all living with their adopted families. It looks like Henry, the Kennelly’s original Flat-coat, has adopted Pippas as his little sister. Check out these pictures just recieved from Liz.

Sleeping Flats


Henry and Pippa in the Snow


Snow Chase



Chester Goes Home

Posted in C-Litter on February 12th, 2011 by Peter

Its been wonderful having Chester around these last few week to watching him play with Wendy and Morgan. I think Wendy will miss him almost as much as us. Here are a few pictures of Chester before being picked up today.

Chester and Morgan


Chester at 11 Weeks


One Stick for the Road


The Sykes Family with Chester

Chester’s AKC Registered name is Neverland’s Colonel Mustard.
Good luck to Chester in his new home and to the start of a wonderful adventure.


Lily Update

Posted in C-Litter on February 12th, 2011 by Peter

I recieved a few picture of Lily at the Bank’s home. She looks so adorable in this first image.

Lily at approx 11 weeks of age

 I think they’ve got a wee bit of snow, don’t you?

Snowball Chase

Here is what mom says about this picture:
“Also love the one of Chip on top of our snow mountain tossing snowballs down to her.  The two of them have become fast friends.”

Also, it turns out that Lily and Pippa are almost neighbors, so stay tuned for a puppy reunion in the near future.


The Stick Chase

Posted in C-Litter on February 6th, 2011 by Peter

This time of year, the yard is full of sticks which are like treats to the dogs. If a dog finds a stick, the others will immediately mug him. The hierarchy of the pack is in full effect and Chester is at the bottom of the pack.

Everything starts calmly as you can see in this picture

Morgan and Chester

But then, Chester spot a stick in the yard.

Spotting his target

…the chase is on

Chasing his prey

 Got it for now…

... but for how long?

The pack converges

Chester gets away...

 Chester runs, but mom is hot on his trail

Mom in Pursuit

Mom’s got it now, but for how long can she keep it?

How will this End?

Wendy gets away with the prize!

Wendy Get's Away

… and the boys are left licking their chops…

Out Smarted by the Girl

… and the whole thing starts over again with next stick.

... the saga continues...


Henry and Pippa

Posted in C-Litter on February 2nd, 2011 by Peter

Here is an update from Liz on Pippa.

“Hi Peter,

Quick update:

Pippa continues to thrive – I cannot believe she’ll be ten weeks this Saturday!  She has 100% become a fixture in our family, and she and Henry truly have become best buds.  The pictures below demonstrate what goes on in the house constantly (as we’ve been stuck inside so much because of weather).  

Henry has shown Pippa one of his favorite games – which is to push a tennis ball under the chair, and then go after it, over and over again.  They also wrestle (see second picture) – it’s so cute to see Henry being gentle with her (most of the time).  She loves to pounce right on his head!

What fun we are having!

:) Liz”

Playing Ball

Pouncing on Henry


Goodbye to Tink

Posted in Kennel News on February 1st, 2011 by Peter

On November 10, 2010 I had to say Goodbye to my Girl Tink. She was my first Flat-Coat and the first dog I had owned since I was a child. She was the dog that sent me on the Journey I’m current on. I knew someday I would lose her, but I couldn’t be without her. I see her now everyday in Wendy’s and Morgan’s eyes. I see her when Wendy plays with her puppies. I see her when Morgan refuses to wait on a retrieve. Not a day goes bye I don’t think about her. She passed away almost three months ago, but I’m just now getting to the point of where I can say goodbye.



Followup to “Fellow Flat-Coat Owners e-Mail”

Posted in C-Litter on February 1st, 2011 by Peter

Here is a followup posting that I would like to share as well,

“We’d be honored to have you post Emily’s picture on your site, as well as
our letter and names, if you like.  We’re really surprised to hear that
you don’t get much feedback.  Maybe others, like us for so long, just
enjoy your site without taking the time to make contact.  Honestly, we
felt a little like stalkers…  Corinne kept telling me to shut the
computer down at 9:00 so we wouldn’t “spy” on you.

I can’t overstate how much it helped us to experience some of the joy that
you must feel with a house full of those wonderful babies.  We think of
our Emily as our “once in a lifetime girl”.  She was the most intelligent,
loving, fun dog we’ve ever known.  Corinne often describes her “huge
vocabulary”.  She always knew what we were saying, and she never hesitated
to let us know what was on her mind.

Once, when she presented Corinne with a stick, expecting a treat in
return, Corinne told her to make a pile, and she’d pay her later.  Emily
ran off and came back with a stone – Corinne told her to put it on the
pile.  Next, she tried a leaf.  Again, Corinne told her to put it on the
pile.  Hours later, when Corinne went in the house, she found Emily
grinning, laying next to three neatly sorted piles of stones, sticks and
leaves.  Of course, she was well rewarded.

We held on to her as long as we could.  She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in
August of 2009, and we took her for treatment at the Veterinary Teaching
Hospital at Michigan State University until it was clear that she didn’t
have any good days left.  After she passed, we were offered grief
counseling.  It seemed nice, but a little odd to us, and we politely
declined.  Yet the pain we felt was deeper than we’d ever experienced.

That’s why we appreciate what you’ve given us so much.

Thanks again,

Ernie Zinger”

Emily and Molly


Fellow Flat-Coat Owners e-Mail

Posted in C-Litter on February 1st, 2011 by Peter

I often wonder if anyone reads these postings. I do not regularly get any comments, however, I did recieve the following e-mail and picture which I’m able to share.

“Dear Peter and Deb,

We’d like to thank you for giving us countless hours of joy through your
website.  After losing our beloved flatcoat Emily Rebecca to lymphoma in
April of last year, we were nearly inconsolable.  As caregivers to an
elderly parent, we are currently unable to adopt a puppy – not that there
could ever be a replacement for Emily, but our home has not been without a
flatcoat “child” for over 20 years.  Your generosity in sharing your
experiences has helped to ease our pain, even as we felt yours at the loss
of your purple-collared puppy.

A day hasn’t passed since you activated your webcam that we haven’t tuned in
to see the progress of the litter.  Your dedication and love for all of your
animals is clear and impressive.  We’re happy that the puppies found good
homes and that you continue to update their development.

We wouldn’t feel right to let your generosity go without letting you know
how much you’ve done for us.  Our house has felt a little less empty thanks
to you.

We’ve attached a photo of Emily Rebecca when she was a puppy, back in 1999.
There’s nothing like the image of a happy flatcoat to bring a smile to our

Emily Impersonates Dumbo

With sincere thanks,

Ernie and Corinne Zinger”

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