Cooper at 9-1/2 Wks

Posted in D-Litter on September 21st, 2011 by Peter

Here are a couple of recent pictures of Cooper, a very handsome pup.




Neverland Puppy – Greta Status

Posted in D-Litter on September 20th, 2011 by Pete

D-Litter Families,

I received the following e-mail from the Durham’s regarding an incident with their pup. Although the source of the incident hasn’t been confirmed, please check your yard and puppy play area for mushrooms or other fungi’s. We’ve received a lot of rain in the east and I’ve noticed many mushrooms in my yard recently. While the adult dog mainly ignore them, the puppies are curious about everything.



Note gretas paw….spent the night in er on iv fluids and antibiotics. Crazy girl ate something in the garden likely that gave her a bacterial gi infection. On the mend though. Appetite, rambunctiousness and sweetness have returned….phew!

Ginny Kay

Greta Back Home 


Puppy Status- Elvis

Posted in D-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

Hi, Peter,

Elvis is doing great. Everyone thinks he’s the cutest thing — where we live we have a lot of people strolling by, with or without dogs and he’s thrilled to see everyone. Clementine has accepted him and has gotten a lot of her mojo back. They wear each other out.

He hasn’t pooped in the house for five or six days now and he comes when he’s called. He’s hard to get a good picture of because he moves so fast but we keep trying.

We took him to the vet last Thursday and he weighed 12.5 pounds. He checked out in perfect health except that he has an undescended testicle. Chances are that it’ll come down by itself but if it doesn’t by the time he’s eight months old, they’ll have to go after it, so I’ll put off neutering until then, if necessary.

He’s rambunctious and full of himself and we’re all in love. Thanks.


Hi from Ms. Pink!

Posted in C-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

Hi Peter, Lily is just wonderful. She loved chasing tennis balls, sticks, splashing in the pond and stream, and is quite a hit at the dog park. Everyone who meets her adores her. She is such a regal looking dog with a incredibly sweet disposition.

She was spayed on June 9, 2011 by Dr. Brault who practices at Kevin j. craw veterinarian, PC in Wilton,CT. Hope you are doing well!-Candace



Neverland Puppy Status – Chester

Posted in C-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

Hi Peter.

Chester is the joy of our life. He is happy, friendly with other dogs and people, silly and a brute for his age. He weighs almost 80 lbs but is very athletic, fearless and fit. He is an inveterate swimmer at our lake place in Pennsylvania and a diver. He leaps off our dock after a ball or toy and my son Brett is jokingly offering to train him for those distance water jumping events. He as you know is now closing in on 10 months and was neutered at 8 mos. He watches TV at times if there is a dog, a horse or a ball of any type involved, which to us is very funny. He is pretty much always by our side although unlike our previous guy Rufus he is more independent and likes to explore. He is a great watchdog also, pretending to be fierce when in reality he is a baby. He is in great health, has all his shots, eats adult food now which we have gotten from a very learned woman about feeds: Pronature Holistic (Canadian company). We have two neighbors who walk him – one we call the dog whisperer because he often takes 4 at a time and they all listen to him like he was God. Our daily walker is another neighbor who used to do twice daily but now only once. We are giving him a little gradual autonomy from his crate when we are out, but he loves his crate. In short we love him and he has a wonderful home. We are bad with pictures but will take some and send them along. All or Best Rus and Nancy Sykes

Neverland Puppy Status – Reagan (Purple Collar Boy)

Posted in D-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

Reagan continues to do well. A couple small accidents but that’s it. I see Dr. Dove today with one of our cats and will make an appointment for Reagan when I’m there. I’m also sending a few pics for your collection.


Neverland Puppy Status – Brooksie (Green Collar Boy)

Posted in D-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

Hello D-Liter Families

We adopted the cute little “green guy” Labor Day weekend. We’ve since named him Brooksie and he is sloooowly learning its his name. He visited the vet one week ago and all is “perfect”. We weighed him on Sunday and he was 12.4 lbs….gaining weight rapidly. We’ve now got him totally on Nutro Puppy Lamb and Rice….he eats approx. 3/4c. 3x daily and lots of water. He’s a big chewer so we keep him surrounded by plenty of “toys”…we’ve warned him not to chew the cherry cabs in the house and hope he “gets it”…lol! He seems quite adjusted…He follows us everywhere, travels in the car with us when possible, visits friends/dogs and even goes “willingly” into his crate. He also seems to be sleeping through the night…9:30ish pm – 5/6ish am. House “accidents” are minimal…one poop and several tinkles….better than we expected.

Brooksie is a great addition to our lives and is truly a part of our little family. He is bringing us loads of fun, lots of love…We are quite happy! We would love to hear from all of you to see how things are going and to see pix of his “siblings”.

Peter, we will continue to update you and will send more pix this weekend.

Kelli and Dave…Brooksie too

Neverland Puppy Status – Jack (Lt. Blue Collar Boy)

Posted in D-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

** Hi Peter and fellow D litter parents:

We adopted light blue collar boy, who we first called Beau, but have since changed to Jack. Actually, he seemed to pick his own name, and everyone agrees the name definitely fits him. We’re amazed how fast he has learned commands such as “sit” and “down”, recognizes our voices, and comes running to his name. We’re socializing him each day, and he does great with new people and situations. He’s growing well – 14 lbs at Monday’s vet visit. Jack’s a mellow, happy, pleasant guy, and we feel blessed to have him as a member of our family !


The Wedinger family

Neverland Puppy Status – Bentley (Yellow Collar Boy)

Posted in D-Litter on September 15th, 2011 by Pete

My fiance and I adopted the “Yellow Boy” (who now has a black, red and white collar…). He now goes by *Bentley*. He weighed 12.6lbs over a week ago and is only getting much bigger! (Next vet appointment is in a week, and this little guy can EAT!). He has been an absolute pleasure. He loves all of the kids in our neighborhood (it is only the two of us in our house, but he sees all our friends, family and neighbors very often) and has loved going on trips with us to visit family and friends. He’s been incredibly gentle with the youngest of kids (2/3 years old!), which I was shocked at! He falls right asleep in the car and is ready to get out to his new destination with a wagging tail.

– Bentley usually sleeps through the night… and if he has to go he has no problem giving us a wake up call :o) – Accidents in the house have been minimal… again he’s pretty good about whining if he has to go out. – Bentley even goes in his crate when he just wants a nap… so he’s really getting to feel comfortable in there – He now sits on command- much better with the hand signal, but will Sit with both hand signals and voice command – He’s enrolled in puppy classes (starts soon!)… at orientation he had a blast playing with another puppy who was actually his size! – He has met my German Shepherd from my parents house and has gotten along great with this gentle giant :o) – He LOVES toys (and he has a lot of them!)… playing tug, fetch or just simply chewing on his Kong! – He had his first football Sunday! (Pictures below!)

As a response to Mark- we’ve shown Bentley his reflection in the mirror… he looks interested for about a half a second, then wants to go play with toys! We see where his priorities are!

Here is a link to Bentley’s public photo album, there are way more pictures here (mostly of him sleeping… his favorite hobby)! :)

It was great hearing all the updates!

Thanks! :)

Amy Robbins

[image: IMG_2107.JPG]

Bentley – Go Ravens!!


Neverland Puppy Status – Cooper (Blue Boy)

Posted in D-Litter on September 13th, 2011 by Pete


Well my wife and I adopted the “Blue Boy” who now goes by the handle “Cooper”. Coop weighed in at 13.4 lbs at last Friday’s Vet visit and got a clean bill of health. Well two (2) weekends have passed now and Cooper has settling in great. My wife, Anne, and I have enjoyed the antics and cuteness of having a puppy again. (She’s holding the little guy.)

* He knows when we get to the office, where to head (front door) then, when he gets inside, he heads straight to our office. :-) * Generally, he sleeps in the office at my feet, most of the day. (See photo) * He comes to his name, on voice, clap or whistle. * He sits on voice command or on hand signal. (Seriously, I was impressed) * Stays on command (for a moment anyway) and releases upon command. I use this to control the feedings. * Several fetches have gone great. No problems. * Barks when he needs to go outside to poop! (Thank God for that one!) * He has had a few accidents w/ peeing, but most were my fault. (Attention span is like a gnat and I was on the phone once.) * Gets along great w/ Tucker (our 10 year old Black Lab) and they’ve started playing a bit more each day. * The only problem that he has is with the “other” little puppy that “lives” in the house. He CAN NOT STAND that puppy! Barks, growls and tries to sneak up on him and attack, but, runs away when that puppy also charges back at him. At 4:42AM this morning, I heard a growl from under the bed. Then a couple of barks! I saw Coop looking at the “other” puppy and giving him what for. He charged him head first this morning, but so did the “other” puppy. The banged “heads” knocking both backwards. Ten minutes later, he was stalking the “other” puppy again. I gave up at that point and we went outside for a bathroom break and start the day. We call that “other” puppy, “Mirror”. He’s a Flat Coated Retriever as well. :-) * By the way, Coop’s Vet was extremely impressed with the notebook that Pete provided. He said that it was by far the most prepared he’d ever seen anyone on their 1st puppy visit. Thanks again Pete. GREAT job!

Mark L. Jeffress

Anne with Cooper 


Cooper Sleeping in Office 

Cooper at Sit Stay